I. Classic Manhattan

In which our hero gets the dream job after much discouragement

II. IEDs and Lions

In which cry havoc and let slip the cats of war

III. Jack and Coke (for the damned)

In which a cardboard sot becomes man of the hour

IV. Copper's Kiss

In which our hero steals a kiss

V. Your-Name Tingle

In which tequila whets the appetite

VI. Chairman's Manhattan

In which we gain a friend

VII. Furr Coat

In which winter solstice warms heart and hearth

VIII. Cayman Tower

In which a date goes boring

IX. Wood Nymph

In which magic weirds and wonders

X. Paralegal

In which piracy raises a white flag of parley

XI. Bronze Vixen Old Fashioned

In which a date goes well while a tweak cases the silver

XII. Melting Brook

In which history is stirred and a dragon awakens

XIII. Close-Call Old Fashioned

In which fear takes over


XV. Bear Hug

In which we break a stupid law a little bit

XVI. Stereoscope

In which a veteran wheels away gratefully

XVII. Sunday Lemonade

In which the Boss dons the coat and apron of head Chef for the night and calls for the Server's head on a large round. 

XVIII. Scofflaw Millennial

In which we raise a glass to progress and pour one out for yet another miserable era of prohibition finally stumbling to its death.

XIX. Two to Mango

In which an asshole makes a scene