Tales from behind the stick

May you leave these halls not only charmed but wiser—and a good bit more buzzed.

Skip to the drinks!

I mix drinks at a swingin' cocktail joint in RVA. Vets and visitors, young crones and old beauties—you'll find them all here within.

These are tales and 'tails, tall and true. Come join us—belly up and walk away stirred or shaken or both.

Craft cocktailing is an art and an alchemy. It's showbiz. It's creative and strenuous and unlimited. It's a source of magic and a fabled lubricant. And it's fun. It's supposed to be. We're very serious about playing around.

However far we might see, we raise a glass to the giants on whose shoulders we stand;

And to the guests who feed our insatiable appetite for the game—we owe everything to you: our creations, our paychecks, our social lives, our shift drinks and meals, our admirers, our scapegoats, and our stories.

Cheers to you.

This publication is a work of fiction. Any similarity to real persons living or dead, or real events transpired or ongoing, is purely coincidental. Sometimes even ironic.


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