Classic Old Fashioned

wide orange peel
2 turbinado sugar cubes
5-8 dashes Angostura bitters
2.5 oz rye or bourbon

Tools - Jigger, ice, barspoon, strainer
Glass - Rocks
Ice - Large cube
M.o.P -
1. Lay orange peel outside up in the glass.
2. Add sugar cubes and soak with bitters to taste.
3. Muddle enough to rough up but not disintegrate the peel.
4. Add whiskey and ice and stir until chilled and diluted to taste.
Garnish - Orange peel

Alternate M.o.P -
1. Substitute up to .25 oz simple syrup (to taste).
2. Build whiskey, simple, and bitters in a rocks glass.
3. Express orange peel, swipe the rim, and drop in
4. Add ice and stir

An Old Fashioned is the simplest cocktail structure. Spirit, sweet, aromatic. The playground within that formula is endless. Do explore.